Brimming smiles of Teachers of Sri K Rangaswamy Naidu Nursery & Primary School, Coimbatore.

School Teachers Uniform Sarees

Teachers of Sri K Rangaswamy Naidu Nursery & Primary School donning Uniform Sarees by

A very small and upcoming school in the heart of Coimbatore Sri K Rangaswamy Naidu Nursery & Primary School. Teachers finding it tough to compete with big sharks corporate schools, to built their confidence they decided to get into a distinct appearance. Suchitra contacted us, very hesitant as the numbers required were very low, but all goes well and here they shared with us the brimming smiles of their teaching staff in the sarees supplied by

Uniform Sarees Corp being featured in a renowned Magazine.

Uniform Sarees Corp Advertisement appearing in one of its client's Magazine as their Uniform Parterns.

Uniform Sarees Corp advertisement in one of its client’s magazine. was recently featured in one of their client’s yearly magazine for being their Uniform Partners. It was such a nice gesture from the client.

Uniform Sarees “Sunday Inspirations” Episode 27032016

A Shy Boy, A Time Travel Clock and A lure of Second Chance, though at 8.30 Minutes, bit long but the quirky end makes it a fun watch. Do visit us at for all your Uniform Sarees requirements.

Uniform Sarees for School Teachers of a reputed Public School based out of Punjab

Uniform Sarees for School Teachers

Uniform Sarees for School Teachers in a reputed Public School of Punjab

The School approached us for an eye-catching distinct look for their teachers uniform sarees, something which is comfortable and designer and creates a sense of happiness among teachers. After a brief meeting with the Head of HR Ms. Ritu Puri we come up with this beautiful elegant design and according to their review, the uniform saree of their school is now the talk of the town.

Uniform Sarees “Nakka Mukka” A Day in the Life of Chennai, Award Winning Ad of Times of India for this “Sunday Inspirations”

Saluting the Spirit of South India, This one and a half minute video tells abt a day in the Life of Chennai. Plz visit for your Uniform Sarees related Inquiries.

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